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i heart my boyfriend.

His Name: bryan
Age: 21
Favorite Bands: 3 inches of blood, dropkick murphy’s, flogging molly
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue and green hazel, sooo beautiful!
What you like most about him: he is honest, and real, and of course beautiful!
Where he shops: he doesn’t really. haha, he’s a boy.
What car he drives: jetta, just like me!
The sweetest thing he's ever done for you: towards the beginning of our relationship i got the flu. i hadn’t had the flu since i was about ten, so i was pretty upset. i had just gotten to college and i was far away from home and feeling crappy. as i he petted my hair i told him how i wish i was home and how my parents used to set me up with pillows in front of the tv with a sippy cup and orange juice. after this, he gave me a kiss and told me he had to go d some work but that he would visit me later. however, he returned a half hour later with orange juice, chicken soup, and a sippy cup. i felt a whole lot better after that.
Your favorite present from him: a varitek (red sox) jersey! and a hand-painted jewelry box (!!)
If he satisfies you: oh.god.yes.
How he stands out from others: bryan is a real person. he honestly, truly (though everyone, including myself says this but they are lying), doesn’t care what others think about him. he is smart, funny, responsible, and i really cant see why every girl on earth isn’t banging on his door.
If he shows emotion: he tries not to, but he cant help it!
If he can carry on a conversation: he is by very best friend.
How you met: we had a class together, awww
Soulmates: i believe so.
How long you've been together: a year and a half
When do you celebrate an anniversary? biannually, haha. sounds like a convention or something!

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