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My Boyfriend Is The Sex and Yours Isn't

An Ode to Boyfriends

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Okay. What makes your boyfriend stand out from them all?
This is an ode to your boyfriend.
Is he the hottest, smartest, coolest, most perfect boy ever?
Are the two of you Mr.and Mrs. Couple of the Universe?
Then tell all of lj how much you love this boy!

***See below if you do not have a boyfriend at this time but are still interested in joining.***

To Join You Must:

Post at least 2 pictures of your boyfriend.
Then tell us all the following:

His Name:
Favorite Bands:
Hair colour:
Eye Colour:
What you like most about him:
Where he shops:
What car he drives:
The sweetest thing he's ever done for you:
Your favorite present from him:
If he satisfy's you:
How he stands out from others:
If he shows emotion:
If he can carry on a conversation:
How you met:
How long you've been together:
When do you celebrate an anniversary? (i.e July 2 is a year, but every month on the 2nd you celebrate a monthly anniversary.)

Feel free to post anything..update us with photos of you and your boyfriend, ask us relationship questions, share your moments online b/c lets face it..sometimes something amazing happens and you just want to tell the world.

Just be nice and have fun.
This picture will be posted when you have an anniversary of the following: 1 month, 6 month, 1 year..etc.

girlfriends of the world, unite!

**** Under these conditions, you can still join if you currently do not have a boyfriend: ****

1. Your post should be a question related to a relationship, i.e a problem, concern of some sort.
2. You will need to post answers to the following questions in your first post:
Longest relationship:
Most recent relationship
Are you currently seeing someone, if not, is there someone you are interested in?:
Where are you from?:
Who is your ideal mate or what characteristics do you look for?:
How old are you?:

3. If you can, please post a picture of yourself.

4. We want you to feel included in the community, since those with boyfriends answer questions and post pictures, we would like you to also.

5. After you post this, feel free to comment on other people's posts, offer advice, consolation etc.

6. If your status changes from single to taken, please let us know and fill out the questions above that pertain to your boyfriend.

Thank you!

<3 Danielle